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I personally know Syed Hasan Bunyad for last ten years and we are satisfied with the quality and efficiency of their organization and will not hesitate to recommend their services to any one requiring the same. (1998)
Arch. S. Zia Askari Naqvi
(Partner Architect)
Naqvi & Siddiquie Associates
About Us
Bunyad is providing full services of Cost Engineering Management as a consulting firm that is serving the Construction Industry since 1983. Bunyad and his team members hold membership in the following professional organizations.

- AACE International
- Save International

B&A has freelance trainers with world class credentials in their expertise. Two of our trainers have CCC/CCE certification and two from them are working on their CCC/EVP certification now.

B&A prime trainer has 34 years experience and is well known in "Cost Engineering Management" field. He holds a CCC certification from AACE International and is the founder of Pakistan Association of Quantity Surveyors.

Think about Qualifications
Bunyad never stops thinking about program and project management. Our objective is to help you bring control to practically any project through the use of proven engineering management tools, techniques and methods.

Think about Experience
Since 1979, Bunyad has served some of the most highly respected names in the construction industry. More importantly, clients express their satisfaction by calling Bunyad repeatedly and referring him to others.

Think about Quality
Bunyad can help you achieve your quality objectives by keeping your projects on time and within budget while balancing suggested project scope.

Think about Professional Services
Whether you are searching for consultants, hands-on project management, program oversight, or staff training, Bunyad is an indispensable resource.

Think about Time & Cost Savings
Bunyad can help you save time and money on practically any program or project you undertake. With our insight into project management application, oversight and administration, B&A is uniquely qualified to help meet your goals.